Hardwood flooring is one of the most common choices of the discerning homeowner. It possesses a singular beauty, richness, and depth of character.



Recent innovations in the industry have brought incredible new options to the marketplace.  Textures such as handscraping produce the appearance of a handmade, custom-crafted floor. Wider planking options reinforce a sense of natural authenticity. Exotic new choices in wood species, harvested in environmentally responsible ways, offer an incredible range of natural colors and graining patterns. And state-of-the-art finishes, produced in a controlled environment, provide durability that far outlasts site-finished floors.



At Carpets and Floors, Inc., we offer a broad array of options – from engineered to solid plank, hand scraped to gloss finished, traditional woods to exotic species woods.





One of the newest trends is oil finish as opposed to a high gloss finish.  We carry today’s “hottest”, design savvy, oil finishes.  They bring to mind yesteryear’s European Chateau flooring.  They lend character to a home and they are practical.  While they are not impervious to the inevitable wear and tear of dogs, cats, children, high heels, boots etc., they are easily repaired when scratched or soiled.



Our hardwood choices include offerings from Antique Impressions, ARK Floors Artistry Hardwood Flooring, Birch Creek Millworks, Inc., California Classics, Carpets and Floors, Inc. Collection, Cataline Home, , CFS Corporation, Columbia,  Du Chateau, ECOFUSION, Galleher, Garrison, Greenwood, Ernest Hemmingway Hardwood Flooring, Hallmark Hardwood, Homerwood, Johnson Hardwood, Kahrs, Kylin Wood Inc., Lexfloor Inc, Meridian Forest Products, Mannington Wood, Montage, Natures Beauty, Owens Flooring,  PJML, Palladio, Pinnacle, Premier Flooring, Provenza-Old World, Royal Oak, Savannah, Somerset Hardwood, Shaw, The Heritage Collection, USC Flooring, and U.S. Floors


For the more modest project we show a variety of laminates that are made to look like the real thing, even to mimicking grain and texture.  Armstrong and Shaw are among the examples we have of laminates.


Our installers are knowledgable professionals.  Ask us about our installation warranty.  


And for those areas that need to withstand heavy use (kitchens, playrooms, baths, garages etc.) we offer a variety of vinyl wood plank which can withstand huge abuse and still radiate style.  (Click on the MORE tab on the home page for more information.)