Sea Grass Custom Made 16' Round Area Rug


Long time favorites of many interior designers and architects, natural grasses and fibers have a lot going for them.  They are strong, sustainable and often chemical free.  Their weaves yield texture as well as subtle to strong pattern possibilities.  Please come see for yourself the options available and allow us to help you with the pros and cons of choosing grasses for your flooring. J. Mish Fiber/Grasses Area Rug
Stanton SeaGrass Carpet or Rug:  Cameroon Natural Stanton, Mountain Grass:  Mountainside, Macadamia Stanton, Sisal Rug or Carpet:  Zimbabwe, Tobacco
Stanton, Sisal Carpet or Rug:  Imani, Java Stanton Sisal Rug or Carpet:  Cotiza,Pewter Stanton Rug or Carpet:  Bonaire
Stanton Sisal+Wool Rug or Carpet:  Curacao DMI Mountain Grass Rug or Carpet:  Aspen DMI Seagrass Rug or Carpet:  Calypso 4
DMI Sisal Rug or Carpet:  Himalaya Glenn Carpet, Sisal & Jute Rug or Carpet Samples Unique Carpets Sisal rug or Carpet:  Marcela, Silver Grey
Unique Carpets Sisal Rug or Carpet: Garden Trellis, Pamploma Unique Carpets Sisal Rug:  Sisal by Sisal, Border 1 Unique Carpets Sisal Rug:  Sisal by Sisal, Border 5
DMI Seagrass Carpet or Rug:  Tropics DMI Coir Rug or Carpet:  Fiji, 20% 6021, 20% Brickstone DMI Sisal Rug or Carpet:  Porthos, 20% 2717, 20% Latte, 20% Sisal
DMI Sisal Rug or Carpet:  Tamora, 20% 718, 20% Sedona DMI Sisal Rug or Carpet:  Coquette, 20% 8906, 20% Temptation DMI Sisa Rug or Carpet:  Astute, 20% 4005, 20% Intuition, 20% Grey