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Plant Fibers

If you are looking for flooring made of natural plant fibers, seagrass and sisal probably are what you have in mind. Other fibers such as mountain grass jute and coir are less well known and generally used for specific applications.  Coir, for example, is mostly used to make outdoor door mats.  Jute is sometimes combined with other fibers.  Occasionally, grass type natural fibers are woven with wool.

Unique Carpets Seagrass BasketweaveSeagrass is a favorite choice of many interior designers. It's resistance to stains and soft feel make it a great choice for anyone looking for a smart look in a sustainable natural grass. (Shown here is an Unique Carpets' Basketweave Seagrass carpet.)
Sisal has the advantage of reproducing itself quickly, a fact that makes it one of the most sustainable floor coverings.  Sisal is proof that an eco friendly choice can be as beautiful as it is green.  (Shown here is an Unique Carpets' Sea Island Sisal rug with binding.)Unique Carpets Sisal Sea Island