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MORE covers a lot of territory; too much for us to explore beyond the sub-categories listed (Plant Fibers, Bamboo, Vinyl and Luxury Vinyl Tile, Cork and Leather).  If you are wondering where to get coir or walk-off mats or stair rods or special commercial products, please give us a call at 831-372-2300.  We probably have a supply on hand, can get what you need or know where you can get it.


US Floors Cork Kilmartin PineDMI Coir Fiji Brickstone
US Floors Luxury Vinyl Tile Northwoods OakUnique Carpets Seagrass Straw
Glen Carpets Jute and Sisal samples

Samples of Plant Fiber flooring






Cork, Luxury Vinyl Tile and Assorted Grasses

Bellaire Dynamik Bull Leather Red Zulu Mosaic