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Is cork the first thing that comes to mind when you thinkabout flooring?  Probably not, even though it has been around for a long time and has been featured in home design shows.  US Floors Deco Cork Collection Bedroom scene
US Floors New Earth Cork floor in Country styleKitchen


Cork is a natural product.  It is the bark of a tree most often found in Portugal.  When the bark is harvested, the tree continues to grow and in about 9 years replaces its "skin".  So, it is a natural sustainable product.  Even though it has a hard surface it has give when walked on, is durable and acts as both a thermal and accoustic insulator.  Given advances of the past few years, cork can take on a myriad of appearances. Here are some of the many options we can offer you.


U.S.Floors, Natural Cork, Symmetry, GrisU.S. Floors, Natural Cork, Cubis, MelangeU.S. Floors, Natural Cork, Cubis Gris
U.S. Floors, Natural Cork, Marmol, RayasU.S. Floors, Natural Cork, PedrasU.S. Floors, Natural Cork, Marmol, Elsa
U.S. Floors, Natural Cork, Marmol BestU.S. Floors, Natural Cork, Marmol, NaviaU.S. Floors, Natural Cork, Kilmartin, Pine
U.S. Floors, Natural Cork, Travertine, ChiampoU.S. Floors, Natural Cork, Everglade, OakU.S. Floors, Natural Cork, Menorca
Wickanders-Cork Flooring, Originals, DarkWickanders-Cork Flooring, Crackle ChampagneWickanders-Cork Flooring, Reed, Meridean
Wickanders-Cork Flooring, Slate, ArcticWickanders-Cork Flooring, Traces, Timide