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Area Rugs Gallery

Decorative rugs are more popular than ever.  They are a patch of color, a fun accessory, a bit of warmth, a cozy spot on an otherwise unadorned wood floor.Masland Area Rug:  Tabriz, Linen
Nourtex Area Rug:  Westports Yes, wood floors are popular.  And, while they can stand on their own, they are enhanced by the  layering of an area rug on them.  
 A plethora of ready made area rugs are available in styles that range from traditional to super arty contemporary.  Karastan Area Rug:  Persian Garden Scene
Masland Area Rug:  Brinkman & Campman Coll.:  Everest We can help you sort through the options ... PLUS ... our staff of fine artisans can construct a custom rug from all kinds of carpeting to meet your size and shape requirements.   


Couristan Area Rug Polypropylene Water Resistant HibiscusCouristan Area Rug Polypropylene Water Resistant:  Palms, SlateCouristan Area Rug Handspun Bamboo Sagan:  Zodiac, Ivorylilac
Couristan Area Rug Pokara Wool: Symmetry, MulticolorHellenica Area Rug Wool:  ClassicsHellenica Area Rug Wool:  EN Boxed
Karastan Area Rug Nylon:  Grasscloth, BlackKarastan Area Rug PET: Highgate, 90491Karastan Area Rug Wool:  Bari, Gray
Nourison Area Rug Barcaly Butera:  MAZ02-OceanNourison Area Rug Acrylic Viscose:  ESC01-FLANourison Area Rug Wool:  IND22-GRE
Hellenica Area Rug Wool & Silk:  Winter Tree, CreamAscend, 55 % Mohair & 45 % Merino Wool: Mohair Vines IL Ascend, 40% Bamboo 60% Wool:  Vines IH
Ascend, Tex Yarn:  Three Rings, GoldAscend, Rug, Silk Koru1200, cut wool loop, Chenille silk Wrapper, 90% wool, 8%silk, 2%nylonAscend, Mohair 1200, Taupe-Natural, 2" high, 40% Mohair, 60% Merino Wool
Ascend Metior Rug:  Sunset, Tex Yarn, level cut pileGlenn Rug SamplesGlenn Carpet:  Rug Samples
Glenn Carpets: Rub SamplesUnique Carpets Felted Wool Rug:  Runway 5940, Silver GrayUUnique Carpets, Wool Rug: Cobblestone-9652 Himalaya, Kashmire White
Unique Carpets Wool Rug:  Pebble Point 9643, Deer PathNourison Wool Rug:  LD05-MTC galNourison Wool Rug:  ND31-MTC-gal
Nourison Wool Luxelle Rug:  GEM06-Jade-gal.Karastan Wool Rug:  Agra828 Heatset Polypropylene Rug:  1-1007-9 Made in Belium