Area Rugs

Putting area rugs in your home is a wonderful way to add warmth and character to a room while emphasizing the design style of your home.  Area rugs can make a statement at the same time that they protect a vulnerable, valuable underlying surface.  They are available in a variety of standard shapes and sizes.  Typically their designs are traditional, ethnic or modern.  However, we can cut and bind broadloom carpeting to meet your needs and specifications –exponentially increasing your area rug options.


Working with The Dabbieri Collection® and others, we are now able to give you the opportunity to customize your area rug(s). You may modify certain patterns by grade quality, texture and color palettes.  And, the possibility to create your own design from scratch is just now becoming available through The Dabbieri Collection®.



Our offerings are characterized by the classic styling of The Dabbieri Collection®, Karastan, Masland,  New Zealand Wool Carpets, Nourison and Unique Carpet, LTD.  They provide choices inspired by oriental and tribal designs, antique abussons and tapestries as well as pictorals, florals and geometrics.




The use of area rugs is a wonderful way to express your personal taste.  You’ll find lots to choose from in our collection and a knowledgeable staff able to fill you in on the “how to’s” of area rugs.



Design Ideas

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